What Is Parkour?

You may have noticed a sudden surge in the popularity of the sport of parkour. Recently it’s been featured in a variety of forms of media ranging from movies, tv-shows, and video games. However, you may be wondering “What exactly is parkour?”.  In this article, you will learn what parkour is, where it came from, … More What Is Parkour?

Athlete Sponsorships: FiM Street Team

Freedom in Motion sponsors a select number of local and regional athletes each year. This team of sponsored athletes is known as Freedom in Motion’s Street Team. Freedom in Motion is proud to be able to sponsor local inspirational athletes! #FimStreetTeam Our Mission in sponsoring athletes is to help support dedicated athletes live their dreams … More Athlete Sponsorships: FiM Street Team

Parkour Shoe Review: Doublestar Mingren

One of the most frequent questions we get from Parents and Students here at Freedom in Motion is about footwear for Parkour. Shoes are the only real equipment to consider when preparing for your Parkour training. You want to make sure you’re making an informed decision before you lay down your hard earned cash for something you hope to … More Parkour Shoe Review: Doublestar Mingren