SMC: Harveston Lake

Hit up your training buddies and tie up your shoes.

It’s time for our second ever Spot Movement Challenge.

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What is a Spot Movement Challenge (SMC)?
An SMC is when one or more athletes create a progression of challenges at a location for others to come and try for themselves. Challenges often will focus on one fundamental movement at its easiest level of movement, and increase in technical difficulty as the challenge progresses. Today’s challenges are a bit more freestyle, however. Our challenges will follow Freedom in Motion’s level-up progression system, for those of you who are students or coaches at FiM.

In case you missed the first SMC, we laid down some fun challenges in Temecula close to the mall at whats knows as the “Overland Spot”. To see that SMC, >>CLICK HERE<< to make the jump!

For our second SMC, we are at the Parkour famous Harveston Lake staircase. This location can be found on by the boathouse on the south/east side of Harveston Lake in Temecula. The Harveston neighborhood can be found north of Winchester road west of Chapparal High (On the other side of Margarita Road). Check out this sophisticated map for the exact location.

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Jonaline, Nick, Gloves, and Jimmy bring us a mix of flow and skill challenges for today’s SMC. These challenges will test your command of some fundamental vaults and balance. For a complete video of all challenges, >>CLICK HERE<<. For written explanations and additional variations and challenges keep reading.

Level 1: Jonaline’s Flow

Starting from a seated position on the second concrete step, Jonaline hops off into a Thief vault and with minimal steps in between on the floor. Jon then hops right into a Gate vault on the middle hand railing.  Following the Gate vault, Jonaline pulls her self through an underbar into the grass, finishing her level 1 flow course. Jon completed her course in 6 seconds so try your best to match or beat that time!

Level 2: Glove’s Flow

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 11.22.54 PM.png

Glove’s run begins on the cobblestones at the foot of the steps. He begins by kong vaulting up the side concrete enclosure and goes right into a roll along the ledge. Getting up from the roll, Gloves then scatter kongs the front face of the next concrete level over the hand railing. Gloves lands on the second level of steps and cartwheels down a layer then stands upright into an edge-cartwheel down the hand railing bringing him back to the bottom of the stairs. Gloves completed his run in 9 seconds so try to match or beat his time!

Those 2 flow challenges were a bit hard to explain in type. >>Click here<< to see the video to see these challenges for yourself! 

Level 3: Cat Balance

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 11.23.14 PM.png

For this challenge, your goal is to balance your way up the middle hand railing in a cat balance position (quadrupedal movement). If this one is proving difficult, give it a few tries walking up right first. Once you’ve warmed up your balance, start drilling your cat balance skills until you complete this challenge. If you fall off, you must start over. To complete this challenge you must complete the whole balance in a one try start to finish. Begin with both feet on the bottom flat length of the railing, and crawl until both feet have arrived at the top flat length at the top of the flight of steps. For an extra challenge, try and beat Jimmy’s time of 26 seconds.

Level 4: Kong – Cat

This one is hard.

Nick Kong vaults the lowest layer concrete edge right into a speed vault over the middle hand railing then finally lands in a cat on the inner face of the opposite concrete wall. Bonus points if you don’t even do the speed vault and just go for the kong to cat from concrete wall to concrete wall. If you do that, please send us a video!

Level 5: Dive Kong

This one is huge.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 11.27.39 PM.png

Running from the grass, Jimmy jumps from one side of the concrete edge, soars over the entire staircase & hand railings and dive kongs the opposite concrete edge landing back in the grass on the opposite side of the stair structure. Holly Molly. Daniel Robinson from Murrieta claims the right to be the first person to ever pull this feat off, a few years later Jimmy becomes the second ever. Will you be the 3rd?

When training outside
Always remember that when you’re training outdoors you represent the entire parkour community. It is up to you to be respectful to the property you are using to train and to be respectful those who own it and who are also there to use it. If you are asked to move away from the spot, please do so immediately. Please, always check your landing zones and surfaces so that you can be sure you do not cause harm to anything you use in practice. You recognize that you are training at your own risk, and no one else can ever be held responsible for your mistakes or unforeseen events when training. Got it?

This spot has so much more to offer than just these challenges. Athletes of all levels can find some fun wall play at this spot and the other huge concrete stage elements nearby. If you have completed any of these challenges, we would love to see some video! Upload to social media with the hashtag #SMCHarveston and well take a look! Feel free to tag it with #Freeyourself and #FreedominMotion while you’re at it :p

Have an idea for locations or specific challenges for a future Spot Movement Challenge? Contact us at and let us know!

Train Safely!


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