FiM wins 5 First-place awards at Arizona competition.

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Freedom in motion sponsored athletes and members of the Temecula Parkour community travel to Arizona to compete in the  Scottsdale Parkour & Freerunning Challenge. 

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Freedom in Motion coach and sponsored athlete Josh Malone takes 1st place in 4 events in the teen’s division of competition.  Speed, Freestyle, Skill, and Best Trick. Great job Josh!

For the second year in a row Freedom in Motion and Temecula based athletes win the majority of awards at the  Scottsdale Parkour & Freerunning Challenge.

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FiM sponsored athlete Dillon Taitano (Left) wins 3rd in Speed in the adult’s division. Seth Jung from Arizona sporting a Freedom in motion Cloud T wins second (Right).

Alec Wolzen, Sam Deluca, and Lucas Harralson all also competed in the event. Sam Deluca took 1st place in the Best Trick event. Here is what Sam said about the competition…

“There’s a lot of cool people in that community, and honestly, hanging out with all of them is easily my favorite part of competing in this event. The competition itself, I felt, was run much better this year than years passed. The set up was more interesting and in a bigger space, and I felt that the speed, skill, and freestyle formats were all improved upon from my previous attendances. One thing I don’t really like about this event is that the higher ups at the SPF PK Gym are all gymnastics businessmen. And so I always get an uncomfortable feeling from the event itself. However, I really do like the actual PK community out there, and there’s no shortage of friendly vibes from the Parkour practitioners. As far as the competition went, I achieved the “Sickest Trick” award, and got a pretty good score in freestyle. Outside of the competition, there was an awesome after party and lots of fun jamming at ASU. One note that I feel is pretty interesting is that even smaller competitions are starting to get some fairly high level attendance.” – Sam Deluca

Get this. FiM coach-in-training Lucas Harralson actually met his long-lost niece at the event. WOW

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Lucas said “The day of the competition at Scottsdale was the first time I ever met my niece Rose. She was born when I was seven years old, my oldest brothers daughter.”


Interested in taking your movement to the competitive level? Freedom in Motion offers classes like the Speed and Flow class which are both designed to improve students ability to compete and win in competitions such as this.

Freedom in Motion has two competitions each year, one on the first Saturday in January called the New Years Comp and another in the Summer, the Summer Comp. Freedom in Motion also often holds events called Challenge Nights which are a great midway point between class and competition.



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To see upcoming days and times for Challenge Nights, click here. 




If you’re interested in competing or getting your child into a competitive swing, talk to your coach to get started!

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