NYComp 2018 Final Results

January 13th was Freedom in Motion’s big annual parkour and freerunning competition formerly known as the New Years Comp held here in our gym. Students, coaches, and athletes from all over the south-west region dawned upon Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym to take on the competition in our Speed, Skill, and Freestyle events.

Lonnel Hobbs’s run in Adults Freestyle

The competition was fierce yet friendly as many of the competitors are friends or at least loosely acquainted through meeting one another at other jams or competitions around California. As warm and fuzzy as the vibes were, when it came down to it, these athletes put their skills on display and tried their hardest for a top scoring position.

If you’re here to see the official top 10 placements for all events, keep reading or just scroll to the bottom.

click this link to watch the OFFICIAL NYComp 2018 video!

Contestants must perform skills with maximum control in order to successfully score within events.

The New Years Comp ( #NYComp2018 ) participated in the newly formed West Coast Parkour Championships, which is a year-long competitive league that will string together a variety of competitions form multiple gyms from around the region. The top ten placing athletes in each division earn up to 15 points depending on their results, these points will combine with any future points they might earn at upcoming WCPC events. By the end of the year, athletes with the most points will be celebrated as this year’s best competitors.


points explain.png
This graphic is taken from the official league guidelines document created by Freedom in Motion, Firestorm, and Apex-SD.

Big thanks to the NYComp 2018 event sponsors


SPEED Adults final results.SKILLS Adults final results.FREESTYLE Adult final results


SPEED Teens final results.SKILLS teens final results.FREESTYLE Teens Final results


FREESTYLE Kids final results
Firestorm* not Firestor.. hehe

.SPEED Kids final results.Skills Kids Final results Real.
Upcoming Competitions

February 3rd @ Firestorm Freerunning Gym (Santa Ana) 
March 10th @ APEX -San Deigo (San Diego) 


Summertime TBD  SumerComp @ Freedom in Motion (Murrieta)
November TBD @ Scottsdale Freerunning (Scottsdale, Arizona)

big crtel wing

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