Challengers Approching! 2018

New street team members announced!

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Freedom in Motion was founded by genuine athletes and is still to this day owned and operated by local true-to-the-sport parkour practitioners. It is because of these humble beginnings that we at Freedom in Motion believe that it is critical to support our fellow athletes here in our region. We try to do this in a variety ways ranging from sponsoring local school clubs and groups, to frequently lending our equipment out to the local outdoor community for them to use at jams and events. Let’s not beat around the bush, however for today we’re talking about how we like to support local individual athletes who are not only skilled movers but are also influential and positive people in our local movement community. We call this sponsored band of athletes the Freedom in Motion Street Team™. 

Today, we are accepting 3 new athletes to our Street Team!


But first, let’s look back on the current street team and their latest achievements from last year. Here is the 2017 full line up, names in order from left to right.

street team 2017.jpg
Trevor Kunkel, Tyler Trueblood, David Tang, Mike Williams, Zack Karro, Mike Tawil, Jacob Carson, Josh Malone, Dillon Taitano. 

The Freedom in Motion street team absolutely crushed it in 2017. Our athletes attended many local competitions and events and even had the opportunity to travel out-of-state on some occasions to compete and train. If you’re interested in checking out some competition results from last year, check out some of our other blog posts. Like this one about how FiM athletes swept a competition in Arizona, or this more recent post about a few local events our athletes did well at. And if you’re interested in seeing our athletes in action, check out our youtube channel!

Street Team athletes Mike and Josh on the podium at an in-house competition. 

We’re extremely proud of our FiM athletes and are excited to see what is in store for them all in 2018! 

Now, onto today’s main announcement. We recently held an open submission process through which local athletes had the chance to submit their name and a short video showcasing their movement and personalities. We took their submissions, snooped around on their social media pages like a bunch of creeps and then selected three athletes who we believe will represent the spirit of Freedom in Motion and will help us spread our message to the greater local community.


Congratulations to the following athletes
Welcome to the team!

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josh reveal




hannah reveal




dez reviel


We’re excited to extend invitations to Desmond Talor, Hannah Walz, and Josh McDermott. We have had our eye on these athletes over the past few months and we’re honored to receive submissions from them.

Athletes, a FiM representative will be reaching out to you all soon to go over what it means to be a FiM sponsored athlete, and if you’re down to join us, we will gladly welcome you to the team! We will contact you all soon. Keep an eye on your DM inbox!


Honorable mentions

We received a bunch of video submissions this round. The sheer talent and heart that these applicants put on display in their entries always makes choosing a select few such a difficult task.  This time around, we wanted to give two honorable mentions to applicants who submitted to us but came just shy of being chosen for one reason or another.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 5.54.31 PM.png

This round, we knew we only had room to add in three new athletes. If we had a spot for one more, Lucas would have been our pick. Lucas has some crazy flips in his pocket, his power and control over his acrobatics are certainly impressive. Go check him out for yourself! Click here to check out his Youtube channel. Lucas, we hope you submit again during our next open auditions!


Nathan Shrader

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 5.56.43 PM.png

This one kills us. Nathan is one of the original local athletes, he originally began training Parkour in Riverside, right up the street from us here in Murrieta back in like 2008 or something super OG. Nathan recently moved to Atlanta Georgia which places him a bit outside our reach here. Nathan, if you’re reading this, we know you have plans to move back to town in like 2 years or something. At that time, PLEASE re-submit for sponsorship haha.

If you’re itching to see Nathan’s movement skills go follow him on Instagram! @domi_nate1


Want to be sponsored?

Freedom in Motion usually calls an open video audition sometime in December each year. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsored athlete, keep an eye out for announcements towards the end of the year. Until then, be sure to train hard and position yourself as an upbeat and positive community leader. We want to support those who are working hard to develop parkour and are already supporting their fellow athletes and community around them.

  • Be skillful
  • Be humble
  • Be a role model

See you again in 2019!

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