Innovative Styles In Parkour 2018

Looking for some inspiration to spice up your training? Here are four totally innovative videos by four different athletes that are really pushing some boundaries.

Luke Albrecht

Luke has a really interesting series of videos that he puts out at Path Movement, Denver Colorado. Luke is one of the most creative athletes out there right now, and he does a really good job of mixing pure parkour techniques with the more new age freerunning moves. I think where Luke really shines is his use of the environment to create really interactive challenges with his surrounds. Super fun to watch!

Aaron Villaneda

Aaron is a local of Riverside CA. He dropped this video back in 2014 on Liberty Parkour’s Youtube channel. Aaron doesn’t train in this way anymore, but he had a really cool dancy flow style that put bboys to shame. I’m personally impressed by how smoothly he reverses the momentum of his moves. The takeaway? Try dancing a little more.

Valtteri Luoma-aho

Valtteri is Farang’s newest member and after he dropped this banger, it’s plain to see why one of the most renowned freerunning teams picked him up. Valtteri has really good transitions and his power is nothing to snuff at, but what really impresses me about him is his use of off the wall variations. He mixes in a really nice heap of these funky off-axis moves and I love it!

Andrew Cavuto

An incredibly strong and flowy athelete, Team Saru‘s own Kabuto! Andrew has been training for a very long time, and it really shows. His control and fluidity are top notch. The reason he made this listing, however, is his insane bar flow game. He’s doing things on bars I never thought possible, and watching his bar combos gets me motivated to go be a monkey every time I watch them. Awesome stuff.


These four athletes each demonstrate an excellent example of ways to be creative and move with style and flow. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless variations and style adaptations to be found from athletes all over the globe. Do you know some talented flow athletes? Let us know in the comments below! We love hearing about up and coming athletes!


Want to see what some interesting movement by local athletes? Check out these videos by Temecula Natives for more creative movement!
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Gainer Flash

We’ll be back soon with a new list of interesting and innovative athletes. Be sure to subscribe to our Blog to stay in the know! Do you have any athletes that have inspired your movement style? Let us know in the comments below!




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