New street team members announced!

Freedom in Motion was founded by genuine athletes and is still to this day owned and operated by local true-to-the-sport parkour practitioners. It is because of these humble beginnings that we at Freedom in Motion believe that it is critical to support our fellow athletes here in our region. We try to do this in a variety ways ranging from sponsoring local school clubs and groups, to lending our equipment out to the local outdoor community for them to use at jams and events.

Freedom in Motion is honored to be able to support local individual athletes who are not only skilled movers but are also influential and positive people in our local movement community. We call this sponsored band of athletes the Freedom in Motion Street Team™. 

A look back at Street Team 2018

But first, let’s look back on the achievements of the 2018 Street Team.

In 2017 the FiM Street Team performed live a multitude of times with Freedom in Motion. From High School Pep rallies to paid live demos at Exposition and private events. The FiM Street Team also had a dominant presence at many competitions in the southwest region. Form multiple victories in Arizona to taking all top stops in the Adults WCPKC league finals. Lastly, members of the FiM Street team produced form truly inspiring content in the form of videos, photos, and blog posts. 2018 was an awesome year for the team. We’re looking forward to seeing what is in store for 2019!

We’re pleased to announce the official 2019 Freedom

Official 2019 Street Team Roster

This year we’re pleased to welcome back a number of athletes form 2018. From left to right, Trevor Kunkel, Tyler Trueblood, Desmond Taylor, Mike Tawil, Jacob Carson, Josh Malone, and Josh McDermott. And introducing new athletes (again from left to right) Lucas Harralson, Kyler Gore, and Ryan Trueblood!

A number of the members form last year have either moved away or have engaged in other commitments for this year and did not reapply. We wish them all the best in their parkour journeys!

Welcome Newcomers!


Lucas Harralson moved here from out of state and has been a coach at FiM for over a year now. Lucas has been touring with the team competing with FiM as a coach. We’re excited to finally welcome him to the official team! Lucas likes short walks on the beach, but only if he can keep his shoes on. Lucas is also often paralyzed by his fear of small dogs.


Ryan Trueblood is a local youth who has been making huge skill level leaps as of late. We’re excited to support Ryan to help him further develop his styles. Ryan’s other hobbies include writing online reviews of breakfast cereal box art and testing the absorbency power of various off-brand kithen sponges.


Kyler Gore another local Murrieta athlete who has been very active in the in-gym and outdoor parkour scene. Kyler has made appearances in several FiM youtube videos over the past year. We’re looking forward to seeing him in action in 2019! Kyler turns invisible when no one is looking in his direction (including security cameras). He often uses these powers to hide from the ghost in his bedroom.


Want to be sponsored?

Freedom in Motion usually calls an open video audition sometime in December/January each year. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsored athlete, keep an eye out for announcements towards the end of the year. Until then, be sure to train hard and position yourself as an upbeat and positive community leader. We want to support those who are working hard to develop parkour and are already supporting their fellow athletes and community around them.

  • Be skillful
  • Be humble
  • Be a role model

See you again in 2020!

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