FiM Athletes Competes in Oregon .

For the first time Freedom in Motion, a parkour gym in Murrieta, sends their Street Team to go compete at Forge Parkour in Portland, Oregon!

FiM Athletes Trevor Kunkle, Tyler Trueblood, Lucas Harralson, Sam Deluca, and Joshua Malone competed in Freestyle. Where Josh took 2nd place and Trevor took home 10th.

This qualifies both of them for the WCPKC Freestyle Finals at Firestorm Freerunning and Acrobatics in Santa Ana!

Sam Deluca’s Freestyle Run.

Lucas, Sam, and local athlete James Williamson, competed in Speed. Unfortunately none of the athletes placed in the top 10. 
However, here’s a testimony of Sam’s experience during the trip.

“My experience of the trip was pretty dope. Traveling with the homies is always a good time, but especially because I had kinda been in a rut, it was really nice to get away for a bit and just kinda focus on hanging out and having fun. All the spots we hit were fun, and the scenery was awesome. I usually don’t mind long drives, but these ones were extra bearable with 6 people in the car to mess around with. The competition itself was definitely fun despite the fact that I didn’t do well, and talking to people in the PK community is always really awesome and refreshing to realize how nice and trustworthy everyone. Like, it’s so weird that you can just message random strangers on the Internet that have the same hobby as you, and they’ll let you sleep in their business space for free. Lol. Parkour is the dopest.”

Sam Deluca

Here’s what Trevor had to say about the Freestyle Competition!

“I had a great time at the competition. I was pretty happy with my performance in freestyle and placed 10th. The community up in Oregon is really great, super nice guys (and girls), very well run competition overall. Everyone threw down it was super fun. “

Trevor Kunkel
A look inside Forge Parkour Gym

Josh Malone the Second Place Victor!

“This trip was the perfect example of the parkour community banding together to help their fellow athlete! Everything from Freedom In Motion sponsoring our trip out to Portland, to Forge Parkour for letting us crash at the gym the nights before and after the comp. We even made new friends from Sessions who let us sleep then train in their gym! Without the help, hype, and hospitality of the community, this trip wouldn’t have been possible and I wouldn’t be as far down the road of dreams as I currently am!!  Thanks, everyone!”

Josh Malone

Tyler Trueblood a local Street Team Athlete!

“Getting to travel to Forge in Portland was an amazing experience. It was awesome to get to meet a whole new community of athletes and to reconnect with some friends I made while traveling. The competition itself was a lot of fun but I felt as though I weren’t there to compete, I was just there to enjoy myself and have a fun time with the community. With that said I did learn a lesson about the way I train the hard way. I take lots of time to plan runs and make them perfect over several tries and in the competition we were only given a very short amount of time to plan our runs and although I felt the time was too short most of the other competitors were able to form a well-structured line while mine was a half completed sort of flop of a run. It was disappointing but it taught me that I need to train consistency in the execution of my skills and creating spur of the moment lines a lot more often. Overall I had a wonderful time in Portland and I am very thankful for the opportunity to compete and represent Freedom in Motion with my team.”

Tyler Trueblood

Lucas Harralson who competed in Freestyle, Speed, and Skills!

“I was really excited to compete at Forge! I did my best to showcase my movement in Freestyle. I pushed my limits in competition this time and I’m proud of that! Even if I didn’t win, I gave the course what I got!
Speed and Skills were difficult! The courses proved to be a challenge, and I was really tired in Skills. I had to start taking it easy in Skills because of how tired my body felt. I want to take care of myself so I can keep competing in further comps.
Thanks to the community for letting us stay at the gym and putting on the competition!”

Lucas Harralson

Freedom in Motion, a parkour gym in Murrieta, offers classes for competition! Such classes include Speed, Flow, Freerunning, and hosts events such as Challenge Night!
These are all to prepare your parkour athlete to their fullest potential. 
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