FIM’s Josh Malone Competes in Denver, CO for NAPC Qualifyer.

Freedom In Motion’s Josh Malone flys to Denver to compete with world-class athletes in an attempt to qualify for North America’s biggest parkour competition!


Although Josh didn’t make it onto a podium spot to qualify, he did execute a clean run and had fun! Good job Josh! 

Here’s what FIMs student-turned-coach had to say about his time in Colorado!

“Competing in an NAPC was honestly a dream come true! For as long as I’ve been watching NAPC competitions I’ve wanted to compete in one.  I am very excited to compete in more NAPC competitions. There whole competition felt smooth and I feel it was ran very well! Very professional!”

Josh Malone
Josh on the obstalces before his run.

We can’t wait to see Josh and our other athletes compete in more competitions!

For more info on the North American Parkour Championships check

Interested in Competitive Parkour?

On Saturday and Sunday, March 2nd-3rd, FiM Athletes will be competing at Apex School of Movement for the West Coast Parkour Championship Qualifying Event! 

For more information about the West Coast Parkour Championships:

Freedom in Motion offers classes for Speed, Strength, Flow, Tumbling, for Level 2 Students and beginner courses for those interested in learning. 

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