FiM Takes 1st @ NorCal Freestyle Competition

FIM’s Youngest Coach Takes First and Qualifies for North American Parkour Championships

Josh Malong, in brown on the right, takes 1st place.

Recently, we sent our student-turned-coach Joshua Malone up to the Bay Area to compete in Apex NorCal’s North American Parkour Championship qualifying event.

Josh’s goal was to qualify for the NAPC, an event he had dreamed of going to since he found out about it. The top three from each event (skills, speed, freestyle) would qualify to compete at the final championships held in Vancouver.

Image from a past NAPC finals event in Vancouver, British columbia.

As he arrived at the gym during the start of Skills, he began to scope out the gym. Josh is mostly a style athlete meaning during his event he’ll have a set amount of time to “freestyle” across the obstacle course laid out for him. Judges score his run based on Movement Connection, Execution, Difficulty, and Creativity.  Josh had not yet known where the style portion of the competition would take place but began coming up with ideas and planning a run in his head as he watch the Skills and Speed events.

When the time for the Style event came around, the judges explained the boundaries of the course and how the athletes would be judged, then sent off the competitors to prepare their runs.

Josh’s first freestyle run!

After the first round of style, a handful of athletes were chosen to move onto a final round where they would make another line.

Since the judges announced each competitors score after their run, Josh knew he was not only moving onto finals, but also had the highest score so far.

All he had to do was execute one more winning run and he’d be qualify to compete with some of his biggest idols in an even bigger event.

Josh’s second run!

Josh’s second freestyle run!

Although he almost had a slip mid run, he saved it and kept going, making it look “flowy” as he moved onto his next trick.

He heard his score announced and was thrilled as it was the highest of those who had gone. After a few more athletes, it was time for the podium and Freedom in Motion’s athlete Joshua Malone was put on top!

Josh repping his Freedom In Motion Enzo Tee

Here’s what Josh had to say about the event!

“The whole event was very professional and seemed to run good for the athletes and spectators. Competing there, and FIM helping me get there, really made me feel like a professional athlete.  I had so much fun watching the Skills and Speed events. It all ran in a way that could be broadcasted and enjoyed by anyone interested in action sports. Very excited for the finals in Canada. This is a dream”

Josh Malone

We are so proud of Josh. Remembering the little boy who came into the gym to play and now seeing the young man traveling to make a living of his “playing” makes me proud of our gym and the people who come into it.

If you are interested in Parkour Competitions,

Freedom in Motion offers sessions like Flow, Obstacle Courses, Tumbling and Acrobatics. Also FiM hosts events such as challenge night, where athletes can come and test their skills and become a part of a competition team.

For more information on these event go check out


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