FiM Attends the 2019 San Francisco International Jam

In June Freedom in Motion Sponsored a trip for their Street Team up to the Bay Area .The local community up North was hosting the annual SFIJ (San Francisco International Jam). This is a massive once a year gathering of parkour athletes form all over the globe for 3 days of movement, fun, and community building. Attending this event has become a great tradition for local athletes.

Athletes; Tyler Trueblood, Josh Malone, Desmond Taylor, Ryan Trueblood, Lucas Harralson, Kyler Gore, and Jacob Carson all attended the event!
Many thanks to Sessions Academy of Movement for hosting the athletes during this trip!

Check out the video!

Here’s what the Street Team had to say about their experience;

 “SFIJ was an interesting event for me, it was my first time, in San Francisco, my first SFIJ, and the first jam I’ve attended while injured( Hyperextended Knee). So naturally I didn’t really train at all, most of my time was spent sitting around rehabbing my knee. But the Community, and athletes Jamming were enough for me to enjoy being there. In short, SFIJ was very fun, next year I plan to attend, and actually jump around… A lot.”

Desmond Taylor: Sponsored Athlete

“I had a great time at SFIJ. The community in the Bay Area is one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of training with and they always put on a great jam. The way the jam is laid out allows you to see a bunch of different areas of the bay, as well as train at Sessions for free which is one of the best gyms out there. SFIJ is a great community event for people of all levels and if you haven’t been to one you should definitely hit it up next year.“

Jacob Carson: Sponsored Athlete

“My experience at SFIJ was really wonderful and eye-opening. This was my first jam, and I’ve been only training for a year and a half, so I had lots to learn! The community was really friendly and It was great to watch all the different styles of movement. Thanks FreedomInMotion for sponsoring my trip and giving me the opportunity to learn more about our sport and community!”

Kyler Gore: Sponsored Athlete

“I had a great time at SFIJ. Training with the community was so inspiring for me. The second day was especially fun for me, training at Berkeley was amazing. I absolutely cant wait for more jams.”

Ryan Trueblood: Sponsored Athlete

“Going to SFIJ was a really fun and very different experience for me. Jamming with my friends from all around the state was of course a blast but it was cool to meet the San Francisco community. I felt that their community had such a different dynamic than Temecula’s and it was a cool to how diverse their community was. The trip was super fun, I had a great experience and thank you so much FiM for sending me out!”

Tyler Trueblood: Coach & Sponsored Athlete

“I had a pretty awesome time heading back out to the bay area. This time around though i was recovering from a back injury. So I was forced to keep training to a minimum (but I did a couple jumps). Many many thanks to Freedom in Motion for sponsoring our trip and to Sessions for hosting us all!Hope you like the pictures!”

Lucas Harralson: Coach & Sponsored Athlete

“SFIJ is always a great event. I was super bummed I missed last years so I was stoked to see all the peoples and spots again. It’s really fun going to these jams far from home every year or so and seeing the progress I’ve made as an athlete.  This year I did things I would’ve never thought to do before. Very excited to go back next year and go even harder!”

But wait… That’s not all..
“Although I loved my time at SFIJ, my main goal of the trip was to compete and hopefully qualify for a bigger event at Apex NorCal.  I ended up taking first and am so excited to compete in the North American Parkour Championships later this year. We wrote whole blog post on this, complete with videos of my runs. click here to see! Shoutout to Apex and Sport Parkour League for hosting a not only on time and professional but also fun event!And shoutout to Freedom In Motion for helping me compete and accomplish my dreams!”

Josh Malone: Coach & Sponsored athlete

That’s right! Coach Josh will be preparing to go to Canada to compete at the North American Parkour Championships in Vancouver, Canada this August!
If you’ve ever considered learning parkour, or furthering your knowledge of parkour competition, stop by Freedom in Motion Parkour gym! There you can learn our process in establishing strong fundamental movements that are both challenged, and necessary for competitive and recreational practice.

Happy moving!

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