A Dream Come True: FIM’s Josh Malone at the North American Parkour Championships

Josh, absolutely cheesing after his “big trick”

A couple months ago, one of Freedom in Motion’s youngest coaches competed and placed first in a North American Parkour Championship Freestyle qualifier held at Apex School of Movements NorCal location.

Josh Malone, once a student at FIM and now a coach and sponsor athlete representing Freedom in Motion placed first and qualified along with 2 other athletes to compete in the finals held at Origins Parkour in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Ever since I learned about parkour competitions, I’ve known about NAPC and known I would want to one day compete alongside the best in the world at Origins. My goal for this year was to qualify to compete in Vancouver.”

Coach Josh Malone

With his qualification in NorCal, Josh had his goal in sight.  Freedom in Motion helped Josh fly out to Vancouver and compete in the Finals. Along with 24 other qualified athletes, Josh would compete through three rounds of Freestyle competition. The first two rounds, athletes have set course to build a “line” in and the third round is “big trick” meaning athletes have three tries to preform their most difficult and creative trick.  Only 10 athletes move into the second round and 5 move into the third round.

Josh arrived at Origins Parkour on Friday morning for the first athlete practice of the three day competition.  His mind raced around the run he had planned as he watched the Skill and Speed events that took place before Style.

Josh’s First Freestyle Run

“ Once I was there I was already so stoked, my focus was having fun and leaving a good first NAPC impression”

Coach Josh Malone

And leave a good impression he did! Although he had some stumbles in his line, the judges loved the creatively difficult tricks Josh busted out all while looking like he’s having a blast on the course. When he slips a bit towards the end of his line, he lets out a goofy shout and the crowd laughs as he smiles into his next trick.

After the remaining athletes showed off their style for a spot into the next round, the judges announced the top ten with Josh placing in fifth! He was ecstatic to come back and compete again the next day.

With a bigger course and less athletes around, Josh enjoyed himself and focused on creating a fun line he knew he could execute well

“I had some plans for a little more difficultly in the run but I knew I should play things safe and go for moves I know I can flow in and out easily. The judges specifically told us before both practices they wanted to see well connect lines, not just separate tricks”

                         Josh’s second run!

Josh’s Second Freestyle Run

Josh sets up to the start of the course rocking his favorite FIM Enzo Tee and fluidly performs his line down the structure, again with a smile on his face the whole time.  You can hear commentators praising his connections between moves and the crowd (and Josh) going wild as stomps his final trick.

Josh walked away Saturday night in Fifth place again, meaning tomorrow he’d come back for the third and final round of NAPC.

“Whenever I wasn’t competing, I’d be watching the highest level parkour competition with people I’ve seen on YouTube and looked up to for years, both on the course and sitting beside me in the crowd. After the long days of competition, I’d stay with the Podi Boys, a group of guys in Canada I’ve been obsessed with since I first saw a Facebook video in 2015

I’m so thankful to have experienced this event and met everyone I did”

“Sunday morning practice was absolutely mind blowing.  Us five finalists had a whole hour and an empty gym to figure out and practice what we would want to preform.  It was a little hard to focus as I saw what the other four athletes were beginning to plan. I knew some of these guys would be making history later that day.  I put my head down for a minute, practiced what I needed to, and then watched in awe for the rest of the hour”

Athletes in the third round had three attempts to land a “big trick”. They can use those three attempts all on the same move, or try different moves each time.

Josh was up first in the third round and for his first big trick he preformed a double spinning version of a trick he did during his run on Saturday, again showing he can pull an extra 360 out of nowhere.

After flipping and spinning on top then off a box, Josh stomps his last trick of the competition, leaving the crowd in shock with his control and aerial awareness.

“Every year I would watch live-streams of the competition and it would fuel me to go out and train. This year I had family, friends and even students from FIM watching me on the livestream. I still can’t get over that! This was definitely one of my favorite experiences and I’m so thankful for everyone who helped me get here.”

Josh walked away holding his spot in Fifth meaning he would automatically be qualified to compete again next year!

“Right now, NAPC is running a better event than anyone else.  The whole event ran on time and no one was confused on what has happening. I know my parents are thankful they broadcasted the competition very well.

I want to give a shout out and thank you to Josh Dohy and Jovy Bergen for letting me stay with them and hyping me up so much.   And one more thank you for FIM.  Truly without this gym I don’t know where I’d be today.  I’ve learned so much more than just parkour and I’m so thankful I get to work in the community we have there today.

Here’s a link to Orgins’s Parkour YouTube, were you can find the full livestreams

For more Josh content follow him on Instagram @Jushmelon

If you are interested in Parkour Competitions,

Freedom in Motion offers sessions like Flow, Obstacle Courses, Tumbling and Acrobatics. Also FiM hosts events such as challenge night, where athletes can come and test their skills and become a part of a competition team.

For more information on these event go check out www.freedominmotiongym.com


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