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We’re excited to announce that Freedom in motion will be podcasting! Hopefully, we can create one or two of these a month. That’s right, now you get to peer inside the minds of FiM’s coaches & athletes as they discuss all things parkour. Community, news, controversy, personal stories, nothing is off limits. This podcast is about everything we have to say | ON PARKOUR


Latest Episode: Anti-Parkour Design

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Episode 1: Origins of Temecula Parkour

Jimmy and Jacob flash into the past and share with us how they originally discovered parkour back in 2006. Later we talk about athletes to keep an eye on here in SoCal who has been inspiring us lately.

0:00 |Introduction
2:20 |Jacob’s Origin Story
5:35 |Jimmy’s Origin Story
10:09 |Football Agro
10:30 |Parkour in SoCal Today
13:30 |Ethics of Sponsoring Athletes
16:00 |kody Cheung Love
17:10 |Lucas Harralson Love
18:22 |In Closing

Show Notes

Urban Ninja | This is the Youtube video that inspired Jacob. Unfortunately, the music has been changed. It was once set to Rise Against – Give it all

Prince of Persia | A video game that inspired Jimmy
Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.36.31 PM.png

PARKOUR | One of the first parkour videos uploaded to youtube. Recently re-uploaded with the original music. Rise Against – Paper Wings

Kody Cheung | Click that link to see kody’s Youtube channel!

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.45.52 PM.png
Ontario Athlete: Kody Cheung

Lucas Harralson |Click that link to see Lucas’s Youtube channel!

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.47.29 PM 1.png
FiM coach: Lucas Harralson

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