Anti-Parkour Design |Urban Architecture Designed to Prevent Movement

This week on with ON PARKOUR, Freedom in Motion’s parkour podcast Jacob Blake and Jimmy Davidson talk about hostile architecture designed to restrict movement and in some cases, threat inflict serious injury to prevent access. In this episode, we also talk about what local governments can do to foster play and positive space in contrast to simply deploying hostile architecture.

The foundation of anti-parkour design is Unpleasant design and hostile urban architecture. To get a sense of what unpleasant design in, you should look no further than your average public bench or bus stop. Notice the odd slopes and inconveniently placed armrests designed to allow the user to sit for short periods of time, and to prevent any other unwanted actions like laying down on the bench or using it for other activities like Skateboarding.

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Other examples of unpleasant design are unflattering lighting such as pink over headlights to amplify blemishes to help prevent young people from gathering in certain locations. Blue light has also been used to prevent drug users from being able to spot their arm veins to deter needle use is targeted areas.

Taking uncomfortable design up a notch, you begin to move into hostile urban architecture or HUA for short. HUA is designed to make certain actions in a space nearly impossible, if not extremely uncomfortable. Common examples of this are bird spikes designed to prevent birds from nesting, or anti-homeless spikes designed to prevent people from loitering or sleeping in certain areas.

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Inquiry on anti-homeless furnitures in Paris. Devices placed in front of banks and representative places physically prevent homeless to stay and begg. Those who resist can be called the “fakirs” of public places. Realised by Stéphane Argillet and Gilles Paté, Production Canal Marches 2003 duration : 6′. More on site :

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Want to learn more?
If you’re interested in learning more about Uncomfortable/Unpleasant design and hostile urban architecture, we strongly recommend that you check out the book, Unpleasant Design, published by G.L.O.R.I.A. You can click here to check it out on Amazon.

Anti-Parkour Design

Anti parkour design is hostile urban architecture taken to the extreme. These are devices and deterrents designed to post a serious visual threat, which if left ignored would inflict serious damage on an offending individual.

If you’re following along the podcast, here you will be able to see what Jacob is reacting to on-air plus a few more examples that we didn’t include in this episode.

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The first image Jacob comments on in the podcast. Stay out of my dumpster, or else.
The second image Jacob comments on. Do Not Enter.
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The 3rd photo Jacob comments on. Anit-pee design.

Storror, a popular parkour team from around the United Kingdome, incorporating some anti-parkour design into a dangerous yet creative parkour movement near their hometown. See the video for yourself, above.

The 4th photo Jacob comments on. Spinning lances of doom.
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Anti-climb paint. An oily coating greatly reduces friction and increases the chances of slipping and falling.

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Kids playground, designed for children 12 years of age or younger. Teen and adult use strictly prohibited.

Private landowners and city government can be quick to install anti-theft and anti-climbing apparatuses. However, there is a severe lack of athletic play space for teens and adults that are on public land that is free to enter and use. Obviously, there are a number of gyms and private businesses that help fill this void, but the lack of free public options is a problem.

If you’re a parkour athlete or even a general advocate for play in public space then we invite you to seek out elements of unpleasant design, and to use it for unintended purposes (provided it doesn’t cause any harm, of course). Awaken your inner Farker! If you get any pics or videos of yourself doing any Farker play, tag us on Instagram at @Freedom_In_Motion. We would love to see it!

Solid Steel Spiked welded to a steel plate. Oakland, CA

Shout out to 99% Invisible

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 1.57.42 PM.png99% invisible is a podcast featuring components of society that go mainly unnoticed. It often features interesting bits on architecture and design which our parkour audience would find interesting. Their episode on Uncomfortable Design inspired this anti-parkour design story. Check out their episode on their blog, click here. 


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