Episode 2: Community Interviews No. 1

Podcast | On Parkour

We’re excited to announce our second ever podcast episode! Hopefully, we can create one or two of these a month. That’s right, now you get to peer inside the minds of FiM’s coaches & athletes as they discuss all things parkour. Community, news, controversy, personal stories, nothing is off limits. This podcast is about everything we have to say | ON PARKOUR

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Episode 2: Community Interviews No.1

Nathan Rogers interviews a family who recently began their parkour training and learns what brought them in and why they are doing parkour. Later Nathan interviews Noah, one of our longest running members!

0:18 |Introduction
1:40 |Julia & sons interview
3:14 |How Julia found our gym
7:12 |Julia plans on starting parkour for herself
7:50 |Noah’s interview begins
11:05 |Closing remarks

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